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Getting started as a (management) secretary.

Looking for a vacancy as a Secretary? VAN DER HOUWEN recruitment has an extensive range of Secretary positions. As a specialist in the field of recruitment and selection, we are always looking for the right match between company and job seeker.

Secretary vacancies.

View the various Secretary vacancies we currently offer below:

Make a career as a Secretary

Our Secretary vacancies give you a good insight into the professional competencies you need to possess, while through an extensive introduction we find out what suits you personally. Are you eager to tackle this challenge with both hands? Then VAN DER HOUWEN recruitment can help you further.

Finding the right match is not that easy. That’s because positions like Secretary often go further than what the vacancies tell you. As a key player in an organization, you work closely with certain people and a bond of trust must be created. It is therefore important that you fit within the culture and organization of a company.

VAN DER HOUWEN recruitment maintains relationships with large, renowned companies. The positions we have offer you the opportunity to eventually make a career at the best companies.

Looking for a (management) secretary?

Are you a company looking for a Secretary? Then you have come to the right place at VAN DER HOUWEN recruitment for recruiting top candidates. We have an intensive and extensive interview process. In this way we ensure the best possible match between the candidate and your company on both a professional and personal level. This way you know that you are hiring the right employee with a view to the future.


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