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Getting started as a Management Assistant.

Looking for a vacancy as a Management Assistant? VAN DER HOUWEN recruitment has an extensive range of Management Assistant positions. As a specialist in recruitment and selection within this field, we are always looking for the right match between company and job seeker.

Vacancies Management Assistant.

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Make a career as a Management Assistant

Our vacancies give you a good insight into the professional competencies you need to possess, while through an extensive introduction we find out what suits you personally. Are you eager to tackle this challenge with both hands? Then VAN DER HOUWEN recruitment can help you further.

As a Management Assistant you support the Board of Directors or the Management Team. You are often the first point of contact for people. You will also have to deal with all kinds of confidential information. At large companies or institutions you manage one or more secretaries. You often consult with employees from the various departments, especially with (departmental) secretaries.

Your position consists of various tasks and varies per company. To start with, you manage the agenda of the Management. You make the necessary agreements for the Board members with people within your own organization and outside. You collect the necessary meeting documents for meetings. You draw up the agenda based on this. You ensure that all those involved receive the documents for inspection on time, so that they can prepare properly. You also prepare written reports of meetings. You ensure that these reports and other relevant information are kept clearly in an archive. You also handle correspondence. You also receive visitors with coffee or tea and arrange lunches, receptions and business trips.

It is also very important for the position of Management Assistant that you fit within the culture and organization of a company. VAN DER HOUWEN recruitment maintains relationships with large, renowned companies. The positions we have offer you the opportunity to eventually pursue a career with the best organizations.

Are you looking for a Management Assistant?

Does your organization have a Management Assistant vacancy? Then you have come to the right place at VAN DER HOUWEN recruitment for recruiting top candidates. We have an intensive and extensive interview process. In this way we ensure the best possible match between the candidate and your company on both a professional and personal level. This way you know that you are hiring the right employee with a view to the future.


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