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On the job coaching.


Discover How VAN DER HOUWEN recruitment Can Help You Grow as a Support Professional!

Whether you are a young professional or an experienced senior, there are Always opportunities, challenges, and chances for growth.

Do you want to take the next step or feel your development is stagnating? Are you looking for more satisfaction and energy in your work? Do you need help presenting yourself well through your CV or during an interview?

In all these situations (and more!), it is valuable to brainstorm with someone who can provide the right tools to move forward.

Bianca van Grondelle, managing director at VAN DER HOUWEN recruitment is the right person to support and help you as a Support Professional.

“In my 30 years of experience in the mediation and advising of support professionals, I have placed MAs, PAs, EAs, OMs, and HR professionals with various esteemed clients. It’s Always rewarding to make the right match and establish long-term partnerships. Besides my role as Managing Director, I find it important to help candidates in a personal and pragmatic way. I notice that in the current times, there is often a need to brainstorm with an independent professional from the field who can look at your current situation from an external perspective.” – Bianca van Grondelle

Naast mijn rol als managing director, vind ik het ook belangrijk om kandidaten op een persoonlijke en pragmatische manier verder te helpen. Naast de nodige praktijkervaring ben ik tevens gediplomeerd coach. Ik merk namelijk in deze huidige tijd dat er vaak behoefte is om eens met een onafhankelijk iemand uit het vakgebied te sparren die van ‘buitenaf’ met je mee kan kijken naar jouw huidige situatie.” – Bianca van Grondelle

On the Job Support or Just a Sparring Session?

Do you want to brainstorm about a particular topic or issue you are facing? That’s possible. Sometimes, a conversation is enough to help you move forward.

If you have a concrete request for help and want to achieve a specific goal, ‘on the job’ guidance or coaching can be the solution. In several sessions, you will delve deep with Bianca, who will help you gain the right insights and reach your goals step by step.

Not sure exactly what you need yet? Schedule a no-obligation intake.

‘On the job support’ for Young Professionals

Regardless of your age, it’s always valuable to brainstorm and delve deeper into your goals with a professional from the field.

Do you have a background in hospitality, HR, recruitment, or relevant skills, but are unsure about a career as a support professional? Schedule a non-committal introduction with Bianca. Even if you don’t know exactly what the job entails, she can help you discover what suits you and where your opportunities lie.

On the Job Support for Senior Professionals

Even if you weren’t placed by us, you are welcome. The role of PA, EA, MA, or OM can sometimes feel isolating, as you often see and hear a lot without being able to share it.
13 Whether it’s work-related situations, suggesting improvements, or finding solutions, Bianca is here for you. She offers clarity, renewed insights, and different perspectives on various topics.

On the Job Support for Placed Candidates

Were you placed by us? Bianca provides personal and professional guidance during the onboarding period. She maintains contact with you and your supervisors and/or HR to Ensure a sustainable working relationship. A good induction process with clear expectations is crucial for success, as retaining talent is just as important as finding the right match.

Schedule a non-committal introduction over a cup of coffee or tea, during which Bianca will also provide general tips you can immediately implement.

Invest in Yourself and Experience the Benefits of Expert Support!

More information?

Please contact us at: or call us at 020 -693 42 00.

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